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The Go Big to Give Big Podcast embarks on a mission to inspire 6-figure earners to turn into 7-figure philanthropists. Interviews with successful entrepreneurs, the podcast delves into the stories of its guests, exploring the pathways to their success.
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061: Mike Koenigs | Unleashing Your 'It Factor'

E61 • Jun 15, 2023 • 49 mins

In this episode, Randy Molland and Steve Arneson engage with Mike Koenigs, an accomplished entrepreneur, on the intricacies of trust in business. They explore the benefits of purging problematic clients and creating right fit referrals. Mike also shares his insights on incorporating philanthropy into business, the transformation it brings to audience demographics, and his favorite charities. The conversation closes with Mike's thoughts on the 'Go Big to Give Big' philosophy.

Key Points

  • [00:00 – 15:18] Trust, Reputation and Authentic Connections
  • Mike Koenigs is a versatile achiever with diverse accomplishments, including overcoming cancer, writing books, and working with Tony Robbins.
  • Mike prioritizes authenticity, refusing to work with difficult individuals and emphasizing impact and shared values.
  • Mike excels at identifying and nurturing the untapped potential in others, especially founders and visionaries.
  • Trust and reputation are vital to Mike, who values intentional and personalized networking through meaningful referrals.
  • [15:18 - 30:09] Creating a Lifestyle-Compatible Business
  • Mike believes social media is a time-sucking toilet and recommends associating with valuable individuals instead.
  • Mike emphasizes the importance of reputation, proof, and evidence in building connections and partnerships.
  • Mike advises focusing on a high-end audience and creating a high ticket offer to have a successful and compatible business.
  • Mike criticizes the delusional mindset of wanting to impact millions without first making a significant impact on a smaller scale.
  • [30:09 – 38:31] Embracing Impact, Compassion, and Purpose
  • Mike's wife, Vivian, has a profound impact on his life and business, inspiring him to incorporate giving and philanthropy into his work.
  • Vivian's background and experiences have shaped her into a remarkably conscious and compassionate individual.
  • Incorporating purpose and making a difference can build loyalty and trust among customers and attract a diverse audience.
  • Mike's personal growth and success are intertwined with his willingness to embrace his wife's passion for making a positive impact in the world.
  • [38:31 - 48:41] Quick Questions
  • Brag one about a charity you like:
  • Pencils of Promise and Charity Water.
  • What would get you more excited? Donating a $1 million check or spending a week physically helping others:
  • Mike values transformative actions and sustainable approaches over short-term gestures like writing a check or limited physical assistance.
  • What is the first thing that you think of when you hear Go Big to Give Big:
  • Mike replied that it involves expanding thinking, being open to coaching, and creating sustainable impact through growth, learning, and creating value.
  • In one word, describe the feeling you get when you give
  • Fulfilled
  • Do you believe that money can buy you happiness?
  • Yes, Mike believes so, stating that money can buy happiness when used properly with purpose, impact, and discipline.
  • [48:41 – 49:02] Closing Segment
  • Reach out to Mike
  • See the links below
  • Final words

Looking to unlock your full potential and make a lasting impact? Welcome to the "Go Big to Give Big" podcast with Randy Molland and Steve Arneson! Join Mike Koenigs in a captivating conversation as he explores the secrets behind identifying the "it factor". Mike is a highly successful entrepreneur, marketing strategist, and business consultant. With over two decades of experience, he has founded multiple companies, including Traffic Geyser and Instant Customer, transforming video marketing and automation. Mike is a sought-after speaker, author, and advisor to Fortune 500 companies, known for his innovative approaches to digital marketing. His expertise spans social media, mobile marketing, and podcasting. With a charismatic personality, Mike inspires entrepreneurs worldwide with his powerful messages on success and growth.

In this insightful conversation, Mike explores topics like finding the "it factor" and building valuable connections. He highlights the significance of honesty, providing real value, and taking risks without fear of societal exclusion. Mike draws examples from Donald Trump's 2016 campaign and Vivian's inspiring story of helping others in Uganda. He emphasizes the importance of long-term solutions to break the cycle of poverty and ignorance, recommending organizations like Pencils of Promise and Charity Water for education and clean water access. While suggesting spending time with those in need, he cautions against expecting immediate impact from short-term assistance.

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"Trust is the only real currency, which basically means reputation. You only have one reputation that's going to be around with you for the rest of your life.” – Mike Koenigs

Connect with Mike by following him on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram or by checking out his webpage at https://www.mikekoenigs.com/


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