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The Go Big to Give Big Podcast embarks on a mission to inspire 6-figure earners to turn into 7-figure philanthropists. Interviews with successful entrepreneurs, the podcast delves into the stories of its guests, exploring the pathways to their success.
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073. Kendra Garagan | Innovating for Impact: From Startups to Social Good

E73 • Dec 11, 2023 • 39 mins

In this episode, Kendra Garagan, COO of Go Big To Give Big, shares her tech background, entrepreneurial journey, and transition towards impact and sustainability. Kendra explores the challenges faced by female entrepreneurs and the role of her family in the Children's Rehab Foundation. She also discusses inspiring impact initiatives and participates in a rapid-fire giving round.

Key Points

  • [00:00 - 10:33] A Young Entrepreneur’s Path
  • Kendra's journey into entrepreneurship was influenced by her parents' successful ventures, inspiring her to pursue her career as an entrepreneur
  • She began with a multi-sport training company focused on quality, then ventured into tech
  • Kendra's shift towards sustainable and impact-driven ventures reflects her desire to integrate business success with positive societal contributions, guided by lessons from her parents and her experiences
  • [10:34 - 19:44] From Profit to Purpose
  • The shift away from purely profit-driven business models is more pronounced among millennials and younger generations, who favor businesses with a positive social impact
  • Kendra was drawn to more philanthropic ventures after observing the pitfalls of focusing solely on profit, which often led to unsustainable growth and workforce reductions in tech companies
  • She emphasizes the importance of aligning profit, revenue growth, and social good in business, avoiding toxic business models
  • Kendra's decision to join "Go Big To Give Big" was fueled by her desire to create a significant social impact through business, particularly in the tech industry
  • [19:45 - 22:51] Navigating Tech as a Female Entrepreneur
  • Persistence in the face of rejection is key; hearing 'no' is part of the journey, especially for women in tech and entrepreneurship
  • Seeking support and mentorship is crucial; don't hesitate to reach out and connect with others in the industry for guidance and assistance
  • Lead by example to inspire others; your success and openness in sharing your journey can empower and motivate future female entrepreneurs
  • [22:52 - 31:15] Innovating for Good
  • Kendra's passion for giving was ignited by her father's involvement with the Children's Rehab Foundation, highlighting the influence of family in shaping philanthropic values
  • Her experiences in sports and coaching, particularly with individuals of varied abilities, deepened her understanding of the diverse needs in the community
  • Kendra's commitment to creating impact extends beyond traditional charity, encompassing her work in safe sports and innovative projects like Catalyst 2030
  • [31:16 - 38:52] Inspiring Generosity
  • Kendra's most impactful giving moment was attending a children's rehab gala where seeing the direct impact of donations on families and children gave her a profound sense of fulfillment
  • She believes in the importance of giving from the start of a business, emphasizing that contributions can be in forms other than financial, like time and effort

What are the unique challenges and opportunities that young entrepreneurs face in the tech industry, and how can they leverage these experiences to drive meaningful change?

Chatting with us today is Go Big To Give Big’s COO Kendra Garrigan, who shares her journey as a young woman in tech, transforming her entrepreneurial spirit into successful ventures while maintaining a commitment to social impact. Influenced by her parents, both entrepreneurs themselves, Kendra realized early in her career her preference for leading rather than following, spurring her to create and support more purpose-driven initiatives. She delves into sustainable business models and emphasizes that focusing on doing good doesn't have to hinder business growth. She then discusses her shift into a more philanthropic space, her involvement in charitable institutions, and the importance of contributing positively to the community.

Tune in and listen to Kendra’s experiences and insights that offer valuable lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs, especially in integrating innovation, business acumen, and a heart for giving. Tweetable Quotes:

“People are going to judge you no matter what you do. Who cares right? You're the only one that you have to prove something to at the end of the day.”

“Part of being an entrepreneur is finding how to do it because no one's going to give you that blueprint. But there are other females who have been there and done it. It's just about finding them and don't be afraid of asking.”

“A misconception is giving is only financial, when you're donating, but it's not. It's time. It's effort. It's promotion.”

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