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Go Big to Give Big
The Go Big to Give Big Podcast embarks on a mission to inspire 6-figure earners to turn into 7-figure philanthropists. Interviews with successful entrepreneurs, the podcast delves into the stories of its guests, exploring the pathways to their success.
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067. Devin Miller | From IP to Philanthropy: Protecting Businesses, Paying It Forward

E67 • Oct 31, 2023 • 41 mins

In this episode, guest Devin Miller, an entrepreneur and intellectual property attorney, shares his educational journey and insights into business and law while also delving into the importance of intellectual property for startups. He discusses his approach to entrepreneurship, work-life balance and his commitment to giving back to the community.

Key Points

  • [00:00 - 12:28] Driven and Motivated to Achieve
  • Devin breaks down how he’s able to finish four degrees, start his own intellectual property law firm, and be involved in several startups
  • He talks about his great relationship with his dad and his influence as an entrepreneur
  • You don't necessarily need a formal education to be a successful entrepreneur, but he believes college can instill a good work ethic and determination
  • [12:29 - 25:55] Unlocking the Benefits of Intellectual Property for Entrepreneurs
  • Intellectual property can mean one, all three, or any of the following: patent, trademark, copyright
  • Businesses need to determine where their value lies in order to protect their investment
  • The earlier you start making decisions about protecting your intellectual property, the better
  • Big law firms generally have a good reputation for quality but come at a higher cost
  • Smaller law firms may offer more cost-effective methods but require more homework and due diligence to vet them
  • Startups should have a plan for when to start tackling legal matters, rather than pushing them down the “someday pile”
  • [25:56 - 32:04] Balancing Business and Giving Back
  • Devin shares his family’s commitment to helping those in need
  • It’s important to get kids involved at an early age and make them understand that they can create an impact on other people’s lives
  • [32:05 - 40:38] Go Out and Give
  • Devin reflects on his favorite story of giving
  • Money doesn't always bring happiness, but there needs to be a threshold of money for consistent happiness

Ever wondered how doing more in your life can lead to giving more? Meet our guest, Devin Miller, a true testament to the idea that wearing many hats can make a big impact.

In this episode, Devin shares his inspiring journey, from obtaining multiple degrees in electrical engineering, Mandarin Chinese, and an MBA, to ultimately becoming an intellectual property attorney. An entrepreneur with a giving heart. Devin is on a mission to help startups and small businesses safeguard their brands and boost their profits through intellectual property.

What's even more remarkable? Devin is a dedicated philanthropist, determined to inspire future generations of givers, beginning with his own kids. Listen and learn how he does it all! Tweetable Quotes:

“Rather than just rely on the reputation of the big law firm, small law firms can give you every bit as good a quality at a more competitive price.”

“I always try and strive to break it down so that it makes sense to everybody, not just to the attorneys in the room.”

“This is somebody that's in need. We don't know what their life story is, but we can still be nice. So it's been a good experience that the kids have been able to actually go up, talk with them, give them gifts, see where they're at, see what going on with their lives.”

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LinkedIn: http://meetmiller.com

Podcast: The Inventive Journey Podcast

Webpage: https://lawwithmiller.com/

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